Gold - Reflective HTV 20" x 12" - Champion Crafter

Gold - Reflective HTV 20" x 12"

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This is Siser's Gold - Reflective HTV 20" x 12" with a frosted pressure-sensitive carrier (sticky). Due to its extremely reflecting glass bead structure, this polyurethane product is definitely an outstanding polyurethane product that lights even the darkest of circumstances. You may reposition the lifting of this material or replace a piece that's been unintentionally weeded away with the pressure sensitive carrier. All types of clothes and accessories that need to stand out in low light may be treated with Gold - Reflective HTV 20" x 12" thanks to its low temperature and warm peel application method. Using a heat press or iron, put Gold - Reflective HTV 20" x 12" on sportswear, pet clothing or construction crew uniforms for improved visibility.

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