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Kusonga - EasyPatterns 12" HTV

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Kusonga - EasyPatterns 12" HTV are the wow factor you're looking for! These pre-printed patterns eliminate the need for layering multiple solid colors, therefore eliminating extra weight on the garment! Available in styles ranging from classic to cool, there's bound to be a pattern that's perfect for your next project. Kusonga - EasyPatterns 12" HTV is designed to fit into a variety of vinyl cutters as easily as they fit into a variety of niches and trends. Simply cut in the positive (DO NOT MIRROR) with the pattern facing up, weed away the excess from the static carrier, and mask with our TTD Mask and a squeegee. After heat application, the mask releases quick and easy while still warm. Mix and match Kusonga - EasyPatterns 12" HTV with other types of Siser HTV for extraordinary styles. Just be sure to keep EasyPatterns as the top layer for best results.

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