Navy - Siser Stretch 15" HTV - Champion Crafter

Navy - Siser Stretch 15" HTV

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It's matched with Sportswear! Navy - Siser Stretch 15" HTV by Siser brings all of the advantages of our EasyWeed Vinyl thermal transfer and mixes it with extreme stretch to provide a spectacular vinyl heat transfer! Navy - Siser Stretch 15" HTV, the thinnest of any kind in Siser material, is indeed matte look in more than 20 popular colours. While EasyWeed Stretch is great for athletic clothing from spandex to dry-fit, it is typically preferred for other clothing like tank tops, sleeves and practically anything else by the smooth hands and light weight. Check out the Top 10 Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips for additional amazing HTV applications! With laser technologies, even Navy - Siser Stretch 15" HTV can be trimmed.

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