Nekoosa - 4.25" x 100yd 775 - Champion Crafter

Nekoosa - 4.25" x 100yd

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Nekoosa of Champion is the first RLA Release Liner Adhesion application tape. Nekoosa - 4.25" x 100yd  sticks with RLA for smooth release liners to prevent tapes from attaching and sticking together. Oracal vinyl and Nekoosa - 4.25" x 100yd are a PERFECT match!


  • Factory cut, raster slit rolled, RLA Release Liner Adhesion      
  • Lies flat with no curling, rubbing or tunneling edges   
  • No sticky balls or layers or shattered edges
  • Stickiness does not build on saved graphics
  • Graphics remain crisper and sharper in either wet or dry applications 
  • Several available roll widths
  • Applications for general purpose signage
  • Wall patterns and decal banners
  • Cups
  • Windows

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