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Oracal 6510 Fluorescent 037 Orange

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Vehicle and bus advertising, POP displays, labels, decals and retail applications are examples of short-term graphics that require high-impact exposure. If you're needing brilliance to your project, our Oracal 6510 Fluorescent 037 Orange could be a solution for you! 

It is a thickness of 4 mils.
1 year - all hues (unprinted)
Champion's Oracal 6510 Fluorescent 037 Orange is a 2 year product (unprinted)
Release Silicone coated paper, 84#
Permanent, clear, solvent-based glue.
Fluorescent colors: yellow (029), orange (037), pink (039), green (046), red fluorescence (039) (069)
Available (50-yard) and 30' (150-yard) (10-yard)
Available 15 (punched), 24, 30, 48 (unpunched)
Print compatibility is not guaranteed.
Screen printing is a technique used to create

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