Siser TTD Mask

Siser TTD Mask

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TTD Masking Materials

Masking Your Digital Media is as Easy as TTD

Most application masks in the industry are manufactured to transfer sign vinyl (AKA EasyPSV®) – which doesn’t require heat. These types of masking materials are not compatible with heat transfer vinyl as they leave residue on the garment after heat application. Additionally, peeling away the incompatible tape may be difficult and can slow down the production process. So what’s a large format owner to do? Turn to Siser of course! We’ve spent a significant amount of time formulating masking materials that work in conjunction with our digital medias. TTD Easy and TTD High Tack are both CLEAR masks that allow you to accurately place the image on the garment and release easily after heat application without any residue left behind. Combining TTD Masks with Siser Print and digital media creates the best application results!

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