Tawny - Siser Glitter 20" HTV - Champion Crafter

Tawny - Siser Glitter 20" HTV

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Bring the finest Tawny - Siser Glitter 20" HTV on the market to simple designs for maximum appeal! Tawny - Siser Glitter 20" HTV offers a maximum dazzle without throwing any glitter flakes in more than 30 vivid colours. Ideal for dancing and cheering teams and everywhere you need a little additional brightness. Children of all ages adore Light Green - Siser Glitter 20" HTV shimmer and pop, and since it is certified by CPSIA, children's clothes may be applied safely. You may also sublimate directly to white Siser Glitter for a great full color appearance with all the glitter of Glitter if you have a sublimation system presently, or are thinking about coming into this area. See the video of Siser on how Glitter is sublimated!

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