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Turquoise - Siser Strip Flock HTV

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In the industry, the ONLY flocks that can be laid upon themselves. Turquoise - Siser Strip Flock HTV is a GREAT alternative to embroidering. It gives logos a high, rich and suede vibe. The fuzzy hues of this Turquoise - Siser Strip Flock HTV make it great for nostalgic designs like at a mall in the eighties or at any time you want a rich and deep appearance. Even the thickest of hat seams, Stripflock is big enough to cover, yet looks good on bags, jean clothing, and other attire that demand visual attention. Use Turquoise - Siser Strip Flock HTV as a basic layer and cover with different materials, for example EasyWeed, or overlay with additional flock for a textured effect! 

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